The Mission

I started this blog with one goal in mind: Provide the best first person aviation and technical information possible in a non-advertisement ladened environment.

What do I mean by first person? Well…

If you were to do a quick internet search on techniques for flying large jets, you will find a plethora of information ranging from FAA handbooks to 25 year airline captains talking about their daily life as a pilot. While this information is fine and dandy, wouldn’t it be more informational… or at least interesting, to learn about a fledgling aviator who bounced a CRJ a few times before realizing it wasn’t a Cessna anymore? What if then, that same newbie, drawing from those failures developed information or techniques that would have been helpful while they were learning?

In another way, let’s say that you want to know how to improve the fuel economy of your car. Instead of calling Ford and asking for advice, it would be much better to take advice from someone who tried and tested multiple different methods and emperically determined what worked and what didn’t.

This is the type of information I strive to provide. Hard to find information that isn’t written all over technical handbooks, but rather is derived from failure and experience.

I am not an aviation expert… or an expert of anything really. I am likely much like you the reader, generally curious and interested in learning new things. I tailored the content of this blog to people just like you!


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