15 of my Favorite Aviation Pictures From 2014

As the year comes to a close, I figured it would be an excellent time to post my favorite aviation pictures taken this past year. I figured I would change things up a bit and move from my normal informational-type posts to something a little more visual and fun to look at.

I of course am not a professional photographer as I’m sure you will see, and do not have the ability to edit the RAW files from my camera (lightroom is on my wish list!). So, you are stuck with whatever jpeg my camera decided to spit out. Enjoy!

Click on any image for a full-size view

1. CRJ in the Fog

I took this picture after getting cancelled because of the low visibility. The flight was supposed to be a ferry flight without passengers after a heavy maintenance check.

2. Sunset From 36,000 Feet

Some days the job isn’t so bad. And an added plus – I learned you can get part of the CRJ’s wing in the frame if you smush your face against the window.

3. Real Flying

It’s definitely not an airliner. It’s a real airplane! I really miss this type of flying.

4. Just a Windshield Wiper

I just liked the angle of this shot… Honestly, I might have taken it by accident.

5. The Best Office in the World

This night long exposure is my favorite shot of the year. There is something magical about it. The combination of the ground and sky fading together and the jet whizzing by in the top right really highlight the great views of the job.


6. Poughkeepsie From the Air

It was really cool to see my hometown from the jet. Poughkeepsie lies right in the arrivals for Laguardia and Kennedy if you are coming in from the North.

7. Icebow 

This visual phenomeon is caused by the interaction of ice crystals and sun light. Because upper-level clouds are composed of tiny ice crystals, stunning visual effects like this are produced when flying through them.

8. Low Clouds and Stars

Although not very sharp, I still liked this long exposure. You can see some small towns trying to shine their way through the clouds.

9. Clouds and a Wing

A few different layers of different cloud types near sunset.

10. Ready for Departure

If you are keen, you will realize the runway doesn’t look quite right. That’s because this is actually a picture of an ultra-realistic level D simulator! Did I trick you?

11. Vacation

An awesome picture of a small cay near Freeport in the Bahamas.

12. Preflight

Getting the plane ready for the last flight home, the best part of the day!


13. Into the Sun

This shot was taken at high altitude. Many pilots use the EPC (emergency checklist on the left) to help block out the extreme glare produced by the sun.

14. Nose Job

Another shot of the bulbous nose of the CRJ.

15. General Aviation

Flying a Cessna near Brunswick, GA


I hope you enjoyed these pictures! It has been great year in aviation for me and wanted to share some of my experiences. I have a lot planned for 2015, aviation related and otherwise. Some things to look forward to in 2015 from the myself and the blog are:

  • More frequent articles and a diversifying focus to include automotive topics
  • Added mailing list
  • New, updated blog layout
  • Completion of my book
  • New type rating
  • Better camera gear and editing capabilities

Have a happy new year!


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