Michael Soroka is a self taught engineer, mechanic, and critical thinker who has worked diligently over the past few years to to try to improve  the short comings of many of the technologies that are common in most people’s lives. Michael’s main areas of interest are internal combustion engines and vehicle design. Through several years of research, Michael has developed many innovative ways to limit the fuel burn of the modern car.

Aside from his technical endeavors, Michael is a commercial pilot with over 2,200 hours of flying experience. He is certificated with an ATP-ME and CL-65, ERJ-170, and ERJ-190 type ratings for the Canaidair CRJ and Embraer ERJ series aircraft. Michael is also a certified flight instructor and holds CFI, CFII, and MEI flight instructor certificates. He has spent countless hours in the right seat providing flight training to students for various ratings. Michael is known for efficiency in the air and strives to uncomplicated the complicated path to a pilot’s license. Michael holds a degree in aeronautics and is also a certified aircraft technician.

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